Survey Trieste Jewish AR

Name and Surname*



What was your previous knowledge of augmented reality apps for smartphones?*

What was your prior knowledge of the Trieste Jewish cemetery?*

AR Experience

I lost myself in this experience (AR).*

The time I spent using the Application slipped away.*

I was absorbed in this experience*

I felt frustrated while using the Application.*

I found this Application confusing to use.*

Using this Application was taxing.*

Using Application was worthwhile.*

My experience was rewarding.*

I felt interested in this experience.*

Ethical/emotional aspects

Do you think the app is respectful of the subject matter?*

Do you think the proposed experience could be useful in getting younger generations interested in Jewish history?*

What EMOTIONAL value would you assign to the following elements and features of the experience?

A. The audio track with the story.*

What value would you assign from the point of view of KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION to the following elements and features of the experience?

The audio track with the story.*

Has the novelty of the technologies used (augmented reality) absorbed you to the point of preventing you from concentrating on the content?*

Do you find the information offered in the augmented reality experience credible?*

Did you feel overly stimulated to interact with the app that you could not pay attention to the content of the experience?*

Did you feel that you could control the experience, e.g. by choosing the objects to interact with and the information to be enjoyed?*

Was there any discomfort caused by the elements used in the AR experience to involve you emotionally?*

How would you value the level of engagement, comparing the audio narrative and the textual transcript?*

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