Morpurgo de Nilma Tomb

I request to be buried according to the Mosaic rite, with no pomp nor flowers, and in Trieste’s Jewish cemetery, in the family tomb I already purchased and in the place and in the way I already mentioned to my loved ones, and should some difficulty arise, I’d rather have another lot bought for me, and in time, may God want it far away, for my beloved spouse Emma.


Three-hundred florins will be bequeathed to my dear cousin Antonio Marco Morpurgo from Gorizia in order for him to provide maintenance to the tombs of my family in Gorizia’s cemetery, and to put a modest plaque to remember me as a son of Gorizia, and that in that Jewish cemetery in Gorizia, as I did for my siblings who died away from the homeland.


[Extract from Carlo Marco Morpurgo de Nilma’s testament, CMSA, Fondo Morpurgo de Nilma, b. 1, f. 5]


The Morpurgo de Nilma’s tomb holds the burials of eight members of this lineage, born between Gorizia and Egypt. Its fortunes began in the second half of the Nineteenth century, thanks to Carlo Marco, a very successful entrepreneur and banker.

Initially it was an enclosure with multiple individual tombs, but between 1924 and 1925 Mario Morpurgo de Nilma, son of Carlo Marco’s brother, entrusted architect Umberto Nordio to build this imposing neoclassical tempietto.

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Coat of arms of barons Morpurgo de Nilma – Civici Musei di storia ed arte, Trieste
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