Frigyessy Family

It is possible that only we, his children, could understand what the Riunione was for our father, since in our earliest youth we always saw him thinking and looking after the firm day and night. A good day for the Riunione, a day of celebration; a bad day, a day of sadness in our home. Us kids got used to identifying ourselves with the firm our father was serving with the devotion of a believer towards his God.


[From Arnoldo Frigessi di Rattalma’s speech to RAS’ board of directors, Vienna, 19th February 1917]


In this tomb lay Adolfo Frigyessy, his wife Giulia, three of their children and a grandson. Born in Hungary, Adolfo built a career in the insurance business between Budapest and Vienna, until he joined Ras and moved to Trieste.

A capable and expert manager, «Hungarian by birth, with German as his mother tongue, Triestine by adoption, married to an Italian», he encapsulated the late Habsburg empire’s multiplicity. Perfectly integrated into Trieste’s social and economic fabric, he guided the insurance giant from 1899 to 1917, the year of his death and his son’s Arnoldo promotion to general manager of Ras.


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