Emilio Stock and Family

What feeling did I experience while I was in Palestine? I felt so well, so free, without those false positions we are forced to endure in the rest of the world, amongst the best people our race can take pride in, and with my thoughts I thank all the new friends that welcomed me with such care and kindness.

I am a man of deeds, and as such I could not avoid taking part in the rebuilding of Palestine with deeds, albeit on a modest scale. I took interest, even if modestly, to spur others to follow me, in the Silicate Society, I bought a share in the development of colonies, I bought a small buildable plot of land and I decided, with his mother’s consent – an exception because, alas!, there are so few Zionistic women – to send the best I have to give, my first-born son [Guido], to work in Palestine already next September, since by that date he will have graduated from school.

Emilio Stock

[from «Israel», March 10th 1921]

Emilio Stock hailed from Spalato/Split and was an industrialist active mainly in the cement sector. Together with his wife Irma, at the turn of the 20th century he was one the prominent figures not only in the Jewish Community of Trieste, but also in the entire Zionist movement. The couple stood out for its charity and assistance work aimed at Jewish refugees coming from Central and Eastern Europe who passed through the port of Trieste on their way to Palestine or the Americas.


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Organisational chart of the Italian Committee for the Assistance to Jewish Emigrants, 1928. In the councillors sections, last in alphabetical order, is Irma Stock.
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