Bible and politics

Prof. Lea Campos Boralevi will talk about the relationship between the Bible and politics, illustrating how in the modern age ancient Israel was looked at as a political model.

Israel is for all

On 17/12/2019 at 6.00 pm the inauguration of the unpublished photographic exhibition by Gyula Salusinszky “ISRAEL IS FOR ALL” curated by rav Ariel Haddad.

Women and media: an open challenge

Giovanna Botteri, Stefania Chiale e Barbara Schiavulli, tre giornaliste vicine al mondo ebraico e a Israele si racconteranno il 2 marzo 2021, intervistate da Ella Fegitz PhD in Media e Comunicazione.


The MUSEUM will be closed until Sunday 2 May. Barring unforeseen events… let’s meet on 3 May!

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