Two Cantors

2 July 2023 at 6.30 PM in the Synagogue of Trieste

A concert by tenors Shmuel Barzilai and Dudu Fisher

Synagogue of Trieste

Sunday 2 July 2023
at 6.30 pm

Shmuel Barzilai
and David (Dudu) Fisher


The Synagogue of Trieste will be the symbolic and strongly evocative setting for a concert in which the voices of the two famous tenors will be accompanied by the piano (Alexander Dror), the saxophone and the flute (Noah Rosenzweig) and will present some of the most renowned and appreciated pieces from the traditional Jewish musical repertoire, including contemporary and more innovative ones.
The concert is open to the city, with free access subject to availability, and it is organized by the Jewish Community of Trieste and the “Carlo and Vera Wagner” Jewish Museum with the support of Piazza Vittorio Veneto Investments srl.
An important recommendation: access to the Synagogue, from via Donizetti 4, will be allowed only with appropriate clothing (covered head and long trousers for gentlemen, knees, abdomen and shoulders covered for ladies, and, for everyone, appropriate footwear).
It will not be allowed to take photographs or audio and/or video recordings during the concert.


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