The boundaries of a persecution

Monday 29 May 2023 at 6pm

The latest, important research by Michele Sarfatti, that ranges from Ethiopia to Dalmatia, from news of the extermination to attempts to enter.


Monday 29 May 2023 at 18.00

The Museum is honored to present the latest work of the historian MICHELE SARFATTI, already author of fundamental studies on the fascist anti-Semitic persecution (www.michelesarfatti.it)

The boundaries of a persecution

Fascism and the Jews outside Italy (1938 – 1943)

(Viella 2023)

Did the Fascist regime introduce anti-Jewish legislation in the colonies? Did foreign Jews enter Italy and the territories controlled by it between 1938 and 1943? Did Mussolini know, in 1942, of the extermination that was taking place on the continent? How did he respond to German requests for surrender and what measures did he take towards Italian Jews residing in countries dominated by the Third Reich?

Based on a very extensive archival research, this volume illustrates policies and initiatives implemented beyond the national border or right around it, highlighting Mussolini’s decision-making role.

The reconstruction of the treatment reserved for Italian Jews, both local and foreign outside the peninsula, completes the knowledge of what happened in the country in those same years and offers further elements for understanding the articulation between politics and ideology in the Fascist regime.

The author, who works for the CDEC Foundation in Milan, will talk about it with MATTEO PERISSINOTTO, from the University of Trieste.

Downloadable poster here: 29.05.2023 I confini di una persecuzione.

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