The Betrayed Care 1944-2024

The deportation of Jewish inmates from Trieste hospitals during the Nazi occupation

30 March 2023, at 6 PM, both in presence and online

The Museum of the Jewish Community of Trieste “Carlo and Vera Wagner” is planning an important initiative.

The aim is to commemorate next year the deportation of Jewish in-mates from the Provincial Psychiatric Hospital and the Hospital for the Chronically Insane on 28 March 1944, without forgetting the raids carried out in those days in other city hospitals, such as the Ospedale Maggiore, the Hospital of Santa Maria Maddalena and the Burlo Garofalo Children’s Hospital. Two months earlier, there had also been the deportation of all the in-patients of the ‘Gentilomo’ Jewish Hospice.

None survived.

Thursday 30 March 2023 at 6 p.m. in Via del Monte 7

but also on Zoom Meeting ID: 891 6199 2689 Passcode: 881232

the meaning of this dutiful initiative of Remembrance will be explained and a fundraising campaign will be launched, aimed at supporting the expenses with the active involvement of the community.

Dr. Helen Brunner, psychotherapist, and Dr. Federica Scrimin, physician, will speak, introduced by Prof. Tullia Catalan, historian of the Department of Humanistic Studies and scientific referent of the ‘Carlo and Vera Wagner’ Museum.

The event will take place both in person and remotely, with the extraordinary participation of Dr. Michael von Cranach, the German psychiatrist who was among the first to bring to light the horrors of the racial hygiene policy pursued by Nazism.

Also participating will be Dr. Lorenzo Toresini, who, inspired by his German colleague, analysed the medical records of patients deported from the psychiatric hospital.

The fundraising campaign will finance a research grant, to be carried out at local and national archives, in the light of which it will be possible to create a plaque to be affixed to the entrance of the San Giovanni complex, from which almost eighty years ago more than thirty people were taken, snatched from the shelter they believed to be protected.

If the funds raised allow it, similar plaques could be installed in the other places where the ethical pact of care, which every doctor establishes with his patients, was betrayed.

There are two ways to contribute to fundraising.
Using the Gofundme platform

or make a transfer directly to the IBAN of the Jewish Community Museum of Trieste

IT43I0306902233100000008244 with the reason for payment “Donation for the initiative LA CURA TRADITA 1944-2024”.
Only in the latter case – in Italy – it will be possible to obtain a certificate valid for deductibility or deductibility in the tax return.

Many thanks to those who would like to contribute!!!


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