Rosalia Poropat from Auschwitz to Ravensbrück 

14 February 2023 at 5.30 pm

Presentation of the book published by ANED Trieste

Tuesday 14 February afternoon

the Museum will host the presentation of the volume published by Aned Trieste 2023

Rosalia Poropat from Auschwitz to Ravensbrück

with the three editors
DUNJA NANUT president ANED Trieste
FRANCO CECOTTI vice president ANED Trieste
MICHELLE VISINTINI great-granddaughter of Rosalia Poropat, former student at the Liceo Petrarca in Trieste

and with historian TRISTANO MATTA

The reconstruction of Rosalia Poropat‘s story: arrested in her hometown of Dane in Istria, detained at the Trieste prison, deported on August 18, 1944 to Auschwitz and then transferred to Ravensbrück, to work at Siemens, where she purloined a roll of paper on which she jotted down the names of her fifty-one fellow prisoners.

The scroll is now on display at the Risiera di San Sabba Museum.

The publication reports on the research work carried out by Rosalia’s great-granddaughter, Michelle Visintini, whan she was a student at the Liceo Petrarca in Trieste and, together with a group of her classmates, did an internship at Aned in Trieste.

Michele Grassi, a student at the Department of Humanistic Studies at the University of Trieste, contributed a photographic reproduction of the scroll displayed in the Museum, made during his internship at the Risiera in 2022.


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