In spite of H.

30 March 2022 at 5 pm

In presence, online and live on Facebook

Presentation of the book by Oliviero Stock

An event in collaboration with the ADEI WIZO of Trieste,

in Piazza Benco 4


Wednesday 30 March 2022 at 5.00 pm

Presentation of the book by


    In spite of H.

(Bompiani 2022)



Tullia Catalan (DiSU UniTs)

and Pierluigi Sabatti (Press Club)


To access in person: super green pass + FFP2 mask

Online at ZOOM Meeting ID: 846 7193 7117 Passcode: 239171

Live on the Facebook page of AdeiWizo Trieste



It is 1938. Adolf Hitler enters Vienna on an open Mercedes, welcomed by the cheering crowd. From their house overlooking the Ring, Gerty – the author’s mother – and her parents watch the scene, aware that soon they will be forced to abandon everything to save themselves. In the first phase of the Nazi persecutions there is still some margin for action, and so Ferdinand and Isabella, Adolf and Anna, Gerty and Guido, Harry and Georg – the three generations of the Jewish family protagonist of these pages – move with courage and creativity, assisted by a determining factor: luck. The same luck that will be needed even later to survive in Italy under Nazi-fascism. It is by intertwining their extraordinary stories, reconstructed through the diaries of Ferdinand and Gerty, and the historical investigation of the context and the facts in their most minute details, that “In spite of H” testifies to the force of life on the brink of unspeakable abyss.


Oliviero Stock, born in Trieste in 1950, has always been involved in research in artificial intelligence, in particular in understanding human language and intelligent person-computer interfaces. He was director of IRST, one of the leading European research institutes in the sector (now the Bruno Kessler Foundation), president of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, of the European Association for Artificial Intelligence and of the Association for Computational Linguistics. In 2019 he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Haifa. He is the author of numerous scientific articles and volumes.

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